CIPPIC Director David Fewer interviews intern Sara Shayan on her research into the Equifax security breach.  Sara describes Equifax’s role as a credit bureau in Canada and explores the implications of the breach for ordinary Canadians. Theme music: “Cool It” by Nctrnm, licensed under CC BY 2.0.Read More →

CIPPIC intern Dustin Mores explores the role data companies play in elections around the world through an interview with CIPPIC Director David Fewer.  The conversation considers the revelations around Cambridge Analytic’s exploitation of Facebook’s platform, but also discusses more broadly political use of data broker services. Theme music: “Cool It”Read More →

CIPPIC intern Dustin Mores offers a tour of the different kinds of products offered by data brokers.  He goes over each of the three main categories of products: (1) marketing products, (2) risk mitigation products, and (3) “people search” products. Theme music: “Cool It” by Nctrnm, licensed under CC BYRead More →

Welcome to CIPPIC’s Data Broker Project Podcasts.  In this podcast, CIPPIC Director David Fewer describes our project – why we are studying data brokers, how changes to technology over the past decade have changed the industry, and how we look at data flows.  We give a look ahead at whatRead More →